Hiking in Israel


I retired from Finnish police 2014.

During my police career I was also 3 years in peace keeping missions of which 2 years in Middle East, South Lebanon, Syria and Israel.

One of my hobbies is arranging as a groupleader hiking tours especially to Middle East to Israel and Jordan  - since 2011 already 15 times. It means collecting people, who are interested joining us and walking several hours in a day in the nature during their holiday.

We use sometimes local guides or guides from travel agengy especially if visiting Holy sites, but in the nature we usually are on our own. Groupleader has familiarized himself with the tracks beforehand.

You can take a look about the photoes of our previous hikingtrips  by clicking the upper bar the point "KUVIA MATKOILTA", which means in english, pictures from the trips.

If You are interested please contact  email ilkka.partanen@wippies.fi